How do I get pricing?

The fastest way to see pricing is on our website after creating an account. Once logged in, detailed net pricing is shown at every quantity/price break on the details page for each product we sell.

Alternatively, pricing can be provided via quote, which can be requested on our Request a Quote page, or requested via an email sent to Quotes can also be requested over the phone at (512-800-4555) as long as you have a customer profile. All written quotes provided by Diamondback Branding are valid for 30 days.

The final method is via your preferred Promo Affiliation platform such as Sage, Distributor Central or ESP. Please be advised, information on such platforms is not directly controlled by Diamondback Branding and may contain errors in select cases.

Your current company contact and promotional affiliation information will be required before any pricing is provided via any method.

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